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Okoume / Okoucent Plywood (Okoume Marine Plywood) – Aucumea klaineana

BTS GROUP trades an annual volume of 41 500 m3 of plywood produced in the group’s factory in Sangmélima, South Province (‘Province du Sud’), Republic of Cameroon, Africa. These products are well-known for their stability, resistance and performance.

High quality plywood produced with 100% veneers of the tropical hardwood Okoume, specially manufactured to provide durability and longevity. Its physical characteristics are very stable and can withstand exposure to severe weather conditions for prolonged periods of time

Product Name

Okoume / Okoucent Plywood (Okoume Marine Plywood)

Full Okoume plywood, a recognised species for demanding conditions.


This range of products is manufactured in the Sangmélima factory in Cameroon, using only logs from FSC certified forests.

Commitments / Certifications

This range of products comes with FSC environmental certification and complies with current European standards:

EN 314 – 2 (bonding)
EN 315 (tolerances and dimensions)
EN 635 – 1 and 2 (surface appearance)
XP ENV 1099 (biological durability)
CE marking
Compliance with EN 13986: Wood based panels E1 (formaldehyde release)
Okoucent exterior (one of the products in the Okoucent product range) also carries the Dutch KOMO quality label and complies with requirements of the BS 1088 (please refer to LLOYD’s TA).


The Okoucent/Okoume Plywood range of products is available in bonding class 1 (interior) and bonding class 3 (exterior CTBX).
Thickness: 3 to 40 mm
Formats: 250 X 122 cm, 310 X 153 cm, 310 X 183 cm*

*available upon request


Other formats and thicknesses: please ask us

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