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Best Wood for a Woodworking Project – Btsgltd

Hardwood flooring for domestic purposes has always used species such as Red Oak, White Oak and Maple. All three categories work perfectly with almost all sorts of interiors, cabinets complimenting the entire surrounding as a whole.

Red Oak is one type that is until date the most sought-after wood flooring options. The hardness of Red Oak flooring can be compared to the Janka Hardness rating of Red Oak. They have lighter color tones generally unless stained differently. Hosking flooring option supports all sorts of exotic hardwood flooring and hardwood for topical wood furniture be it solid, click locking, engineered, character grade, natural, distressed or stained. Buy topical hardwood online

Before selecting any category of wood flooring, the suiting need of each space it is important to know that in the presence of moisture, all woods might react. Such as causing gaps in between each plank, however, during the summer months when the humidity is at its peak, the wood will expand back to its original form filling up any gaps, might be occurred due to contraction during monsoons. BTSG provides the best hardwood floorings at an affordable price.

The following are the options, which are offered to the customers –

  • Red Oak – This is one of the most popular species for hardwood flooring, especially for Domestic use. It comes with moderate to heavy graining, with colour options to choose from. Red Oak comes in shades of browns to creamy reds making them look pink. Red Oak For Sale


  • White Oak –White Oak is a little similar to Red Oak. It is a little hard compared to Red Oak. The colour options range from golden and browns with undertones of grey colours very evenly, due to its harder Oak. It features moderate linear graining with colour options. It has an outstanding stability and durability, due to this White Oak is used in boat buildings and wine barrels. It has been said that Whitewood can help bring a traditional sense to any home. Owens and Somerset are great options while going for white oak.  Buy Now


  • Maple – this is yet another wood flooring option available to consumers while deciding the wood floor option. Maple hardwood is found in the northern regions of North America. It is very pale to look at is of creamy white colour with little differences in boards. Maple wood flooring contains brownish-black mineral streaks, depending on chosen grade. Clear grade has the least streaking. The graining is extremely light and sometimes barely noticeable. These grains range from uniform straight lines to curved patterns. Hard Maple contains some cuts called the Birdseye; it is called Birdseye because it resembles tiny eyes. This pattern is mostly only found in Maple hardwood.


  • American cherry – these are softer wood species as compared to others but one may find it difficult finding out another such beautiful graining and colour. It also has a unique shine, which is rare to find. It’s popular due to its natural colour. Due to its natural graining and warm colour, it’s especially loved in households. American cherry darkens with age to a darker reddish brown colour. Bruce wood and Harris wood flooring are great options to choose from while going for American Cherry. Natural Hickory also has similar cuts and patterns, and customers like this option too. Buy hardwood & logs online
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