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8 Stunning Hardwood Flooring Options | BTSG Guide

There are many kinds of hardwood flooring options available to choose from, all have unique appearances and after usage and exposure to sunlight may appear to have some changes in their colour.

A careful selection of the wood flooring is important because even these beautiful and unique floors, if not selected carefully can end up not looking as expected. It is recommended to take expert help while selecting the kind of topical wood furniture to choose from. Some of the most exotic Hardwood flooring options one can choose from is –

Timborana, hardness rate is 1570

This is rich colored exotic wood flooring. They change its colour post usage. Before usage, they have a golden to brown appearance with highlights of red in them. And post usage the colour changes a little into deeper reds. This change that occurs due to exposure accentuates the graining present naturally in Timborana. Buy okan round logs


Brazilian teak, hardness rate 3540

its known as Cumaru. Brazilian Teak is one of the most hardwood wood species, it has been given a rating of 3540 on the Janka scale. It comes in a colour range of tan to medium browns with red highlights. However after usage and exposure to sunlight the natural tones of Brazilian teak evens out and the floor becomes uniform to a medium brown colour. Buy hardwood at low price

Tiete Chestnut, hardness rate 3540

Also known as Sucupira. It comes in colours ranging from tan to dark reddish browns. Tiete Chestnut is a great floor option as it creates a unique appearance with course graining and black stripes.

Brazilian walnut, hardness rate 3680

its commonly known as Ipe. This is yet another very hard wood species. Due to it’s high hardness rate, many people select this flooring option for their homes. It works well in high traffic areas. They are used to give the elegant and warm look to rooms due to straight grains and irregular patterns. The heartwood comes in medium brown colour to dark chocolaty brown whereas sapwood appears to be of medium tan colour. Buy Now at wholeslae price

Tiete Rosewood, hardness rate 3280 

known for their pinkish rose colour with fine linear graining. The colour of Tiete Rosewood changes after usage. After using it for around 3 months, one may notice a difference in the colour, they get darker. The colour changes into deeper reds.


Merbau, hardness rate 1925

they create a dark mosaic and colours range from yellow, brown to orange, and brown. This will deepen with time and the golden highlights will start to appear over brown backdrop. Graining has interlocking patterns of wavy and straight lines azobe sawn timber for sale Buy Now


Bamboo, hardness rate keeps changing

there is no fixed hardness rating for bamboo. The rating on Janka constantly keeps on changing. The hardness of a Bamboo is determined due to the time spent on harvesting on the grass. They are provided by many Chinese brands at fewer prices with no guarantee on the quality. Though it is recommended that customers go for Bamboo that has been rated highly on the Janka scale. African Mahogany Hardwood Logs for Sale and another hardwood flooring for sale is available on btsgltd at very discounted price offers.

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