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About BTSG Ltd

BTSG Ltd is one of the renowned Manufacturers and Suppliers of premium quality African Wood Logs and Sawn Timber Products, we have a variety of African Wood Species such as: African Mahogany, Afrormosia (Assamela) , Afrormosia, Agba, Ayous, Azobé, Béli, Bilinga, Bossé, Dabéma, Dibetou, Doussié, Eyong, Fraké, Iatandza, Iroko, Kosipo, Moabi, Movingui and More. We are based in the city of Douala, Cameroon. Our foremost belief is to gratify our clients to their full extent. Therefore, we never leave any gap uncovered and successfully achieve our company’s objectives. we work in accordance with their specific requirements and successfully establish great relationships with them. Our varying range of products successfully serves the diverse requirements of various industries.

Offering a World Class Range of African Timber

The Best Wood Species you can find in Tropical Africa

African Mahogany, Afrormosia (Assamela) , Afrormosia, Agba, Ayous, Azobé, Béli, Bilinga, Bossé, Dabéma, Dibetou, Doussié, Eyong, Fraké, Iatandza, Iroko, Kosipo, Moabi, Movingui



Our consistent success lies behind our technologically advanced and highly developed manufacturing unit, which is spread over a wide area of about 17000 square feet. We have employed the modern wooden machinery to efficiently carry out our manufacturing and Exportation process. Come Get the Best of our Tropical Wood Logs and Sawn Timber

Having an experience of more than 6 decades in Round Logs and Sawn Timber trade serving the needs of International Market, under one roof from logs to cut sizes, made to order, being one of the largest Saw Millers & Exporters of Timber and Logs in the country. BTSG Ltd. is a one stop solution for all your timber related needs. We are African wood supplier, Tropical Hard Wood (Red/Yellow) Meranti suppliers. With our best efforts and hard work, we have succeeded in developing a vast clientele base widely spread all over the World. The peerless trust of our clients acts as a building block for our successful venture.

We are determined to satisfy our valued customers and meet their expectations as much as possible. Client Satisfaction is our priority.

Through the years, BTSG Ltd has been successful to achieve it’s goal with the support and co-operation of it’s valued buyers and global associates. We are looking forward to doing better in future as we have a very good ambitious working team.

BTSG Ltd Sustainable Developement


The transaction took place quickly. Price and quality are very pleasing, it was a great business deal, and the customer service was outstanding, i would not wish for a better service, once again thank you BTSG Ltd

Jimmy Clarkson

I have enjoyed working with BTSG Ltd over the years. They consistently deliver the highest quality of Timber and provide excellent Delivery and service from beginning to end of project. They have my highest recommendation. their customer service is off the hook, i will recommend anyone getting in to the timber business to try BTSG Ltd they are really really good in business.

Paul Zimmerman, Your Content Goes Here

Just wanted to let you know the Premium African Mahogany top arrived Thursday, the 18th.  It’s GORGEOUS!!!!  When our project is complete, I will send you a photo’s as I very much want you to see the finished product.
Thank you for your suggestions, too.  The Logs are perfect.  If the budget allows, I hope to be in contact for further purchases.  In the meantime, I shall be sharing your company and website.

Clovis Mc Cauley
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