African Sawn Timber

/African Sawn Timber
  • Yellow wood when green, turning dark brown to black brown. The wood contains alternate light and dark stripes.
  • Differentiated (not perfect) wood: yellowish white and rather thick sapwood The colour of heartwood (duramen) is reddish white and quite dark. Abundant silver grain; numerous and fine vascular traces embedded in the wood, frequently containing shiny black resin. Occurrence of slight interlocked grain.
  • Yellow or orangey brown heartwood with red shades that darken when exposed to light. Well demarcated sapwood; coarse texture.
  • Red brown wood with mottled shades and irregular grain. Even colour.
  • Red-brown wood with glinting strips when quarter sawn. Darkens in light. Clearly demarcated greyish-pink sapwood.
  • The wood is white pinkish to light red with red brown veins.
  • The wood has bright red colour, which rapidly turns purplish brown when exposed to light. Slightly interlocked grain. Fine texture.
  • Yellow brown to greyish green colour. Not clearly demarcated sapwood, fine texture.
  • Natural colour: light salmon to dark pink, darkening when exposed to light. Fine to medium texture. Slightly interlocked to interlocked grain. Fine silver grain.
  • Yellowish brown to red brown wood which darkens when exposed to light.
  • Perfect wood of yellowish orange-brown colour with veins in darker shades. Occasionally oily surface. Curly grain may occur.
  • Red brown wood with dark brown veins. Well demarcated sapwood and fine texture. Slightly interlocked grain.
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